Parcel, full truck loads, oversize cargo. Each of your goods is a priority to us.

A considerable amount of goods to be transported at one time? We will organize it for you.

Do you have goods to be collected /dispatched by sea or river transport? Entrust them to us. We will deliver them to the place specified by you.

Do you need a complex and comprehensive servicing tailored to the needs of your company? Contact us.


The Company of Sad-Sped was established in Szczecin in 1996 as customs agency. Since 1999 we have undergone a successive development  through the extending of the offer from customs services by transport, freight forwarding, counseling, warehousing  and port services included. The above mentioned was effected thanks to highly qualified personnel constantly increasing their know how gaining the trust of partners. We treat the cooperation with clients as a long lasting partnership which constitutes for us a challenge to meet higher and higher requirements of the market. We take efforts to understand our clients in order to provide them with well measured solutions. We care to be a reliable representative of our clients  at each stage of the cooperation so that goods entrusted to us are delivered safe and timely.


The seat of our company is located in Szczecin in the Gumieńce district. Directly next to the national road nr 10, at the distance of 8 km from the road border crossing with Germany Linken / Lubieszyn. The proximity of A6 highway connecting Eastern  Europe countries with Baltic States and Russia, S3 dual carriageway connecting Scandinavia with countries of Southern Europe, inland road connecting the Oder river though channels with the Elbe and the Rhine rivers as well as the sea and river port Szczecin - Świnoujście causes that Szczecin constitutes an important communication junction.