Railway transport

Railway transport constitutes a subsequent element of a complex servicing provided by Sad-Sped.

Our clients considering railway transport in their business plans benefit from economic  perspective (considerable capacity, relatively low transport tariffs for deliveries to distant places) as well as ecological perspective (the option of bulk transportation with lower consumption of energy, environmental protection).

We offer a domestic and international railway transport for all types of cargo, including oversize cargo, containers and bulk cargo (grains, fertilizers, metal ores).

We will deliver cargo to the specified place by rail, and in case when a further route does not offer railway infrastructure we will organize a reloading for a vehicle /road transport.

On the basis of a long lasting, fruitful cooperation with prestigious carriers we are able to optimize costs and save time of our client.

Selecting us you have the guarantee of the professional execution of services within the scope of which we take care of the safety of your goods as well as the timely delivery to the place specified by you.

Reloading, customs formalities? Leave it to us!

Railway transport

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