Logistics and warehousing

If you are in the possession of goods and you look for a reliable, professional company which will store them for you, you have found the proper entity.

Thanks to a long lasting sectoral experience we have necessary know-how and possibilities to offer you a complex servicing within the scope of logistics and warehousing.

We will collect your goods from the place specified by you, we will warehouse them in conditions appropriate for the goods for a period defined by you, and in case of such a need we will repack, break bulk, label the goods in order to deliver them efficiently and fast to the place specified by you.

We have at our disposal warehouses of any type, from open ones (for storing goods not sensitive to atmospheric conditions), semi-open ones (places protected with a roof on supports), confined ones (buildings) and special ones (intended for storing of defined type of goods, e.g.: liquids, powders).

Such a  wide range of various facilities enables us storing goods of various character as well as ideal tailoring to the needs of the Client.

We offer solutions which in a best manner ensure maximal utilization of warehousing area with regard to your needs.

Entrusting us with your goods you may not worry about their safety and you may be sure of obtaining the highest level servicing.

Logistics and warehousing