Sea and inland transport

Taking efforts to provide our clients with the most full and favorable services we offer sea transport, as well as port and inland transport.

Our clients considering water transport in their business plans benefit from economic perspective (lower costs of transport in case of dispatching big consignments, far range) and ecological perspective (lower pollution of environment than in case of road transport, lower consumption of energy).

In case of inland transport we organize freight in Poland on most important rivers flowing in our country (the Oder, Vistula, Warta, and Noteć rivers).

We utilize the whole network of rivers and channels available for inland navigation in Europe. The planning of transport includes the establishing of a port convenient for loading, the establishing of reloading technology (cranes, gantry cranes) as well as feasibility of river transport with the consideration of the level of water, canal locks, clearance below bridges.

In case of sea transport we utilize a well developed network of ports both in Poland and abroad.

We ensure complex servicing in case of each mentioned above transport branch, covering formalities related to the clearance of goods, transporting them to/from the port, including the monitoring of the status of freight of your consignment until its delivery to the destination place.

Our qualified and experienced personnel will organize for you the transport of all types of cargo, both in case of import, export or international transport with all world range. Container, oversize cargo?

We will help your consignment to reach the destination efficiently. We ensure a comprehensive customs servicing, we organize loading /unloading from the ship and we offer transport consultancy if needed.

Relying on us you may be sure of your final success.
Sea and inland transport

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